Celebrate Your Cadet Career

You or your Cadet is about to graduate from the US Air Force Academy and I bet you are bursting at the seams with pride.


But how can you commemorate the achievement of a Major Life Goal in a

meaningful and lasting way?


For the first time ever, you can commemorate your Cadet’s graduation from the nation’s most prestigious educational institution with a unique piece of commissioned art that celebrates their Cadet Career and is a wonderful companion piece that they can put on the wall next to their diploma.  Or…YOU, their parents, who supported and encouraged them throughout their 4 years, can hang on the wall and savor the accomplishment you share.


When I graduated from the Academy over 40 years ago, a famous aviation artist was just starting to create “class prints” for the graduating classes. My class followed an earlier class and bought prints of the Thunderbirds doing a “Bomb Burst” over the academy.   But that print had nothing to do with me, my USAFA experience or how I would serve our country.  So I didn’t want one.  I thought it was just me, but when talking with my classmates recently I found that many felt the same way.  Most of the pilots wanted their own aircraft and the non-rated officers felt that their career fields, which were just as critical to the Air Force mission, were usually ignored or even disparaged.


So, for our 40th anniversary I created a digital painting that would acknowledge and celebrate ALL of my classmates’ careers, regardless of what they were.  And the response was wonderful.  A lot of pilots bought them and instead of a generic aircraft they may or may not have flown I gave them their very own aircraft, with squadron markings, including the tail number and name under the cockpit.  One client even got a particular weapons load on his F-16 along with his Major General stars.   My best response was from guys in non-flying career fields; civil engineer, physicist, author and even a pilot who left the AF and was an FBI agent for 30 years.  These guys were thrilled that, finally, they could commemorate their unique service with their own artwork.


Now, I’ve created a similar painting for new graduates.


A painting that celebrates BOTH the class AND the individual. The common background painting is rich with imagery and symbolism that expresses the fibers of your Cadet’s bond with their classmates, the graduates who have gone before, and the graduates that will follow.  To that symbolism I add individualized elements that articulate your Cadet’s unique experience.  Elements such as:


• Squadron patches for each of their 4 years.

• Shoulder boards from each year.

• Varsity letters, Honors Lists and any other activities in which they may have participated.


It doesn’t matter whether your Cadet graduated first or last in their class.    This painting chronicles their individual experience in a way that evokes pride and a sense of accomplishment.


The process is simple.  After you place your order I will contact you and/or your Cadet by phone and discuss what you want in the painting.  Then I create it.  After your painting is complete I will send you a low-resolution image for your approval.  One you approve it and only after you approve it, I will print the image using archival materials and send it to you for you to frame and enjoy.


I work in both acrylics and digitally and am represented in the collections of two museums, as well as corporate and personal collections on 3 continents .  One of my creations has flown into outer space.  So, if you were to commission me to paint a traditional acrylic painting pricing would start at $2000.  But by using digital technology I am able to give you a commissioned digital painting, expressing your Cadet’s unique experience, starting at just $299.

Select your personalized giclee' painting from one of  3 sizes:

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